This final open issue of 2017 includes articles interrogating various forms of hidden or unanticipated surveillance. These range from the “surveillance capitalism” regimes of big data companies, to police and employment discrimination based on supposedly neutral indicators of one’s character, to anticipatory citizen filming of police violence. The issue also offers seven book reviews.

The cover image comes from an 1890 rendition of “The Rogue’s Gallery” located at a police station in Minneapolis. This image and the racial politics of early police classification schemes are analyzed in Freda L. Fair’s article in this issue.

This is also the first issue published under the new editorship of Torin Monahan. The Editorial Board gives profound thanks to David Murakami Wood for his 15 years of exemplary service to the journal as the Editor-in-Chief and one of the Founding Editors.

Published: 2017-12-05