Surveillance and Drones at Greek Borderzones: Challenging Human Rights and Democracy

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Panagiotis Loukinas


The planned intensification of surveillance, including the use of drones, at the Greek borders will increase uncertainty at Greek borderzones as regards the protection of human rights, which are already under threat due to the existing high levels of surveillance. This includes both the human rights of migrants and refugees as well as the right to privacy of the populations already resident in these areas. The curtailment of these rights constitutes a threat to individuals’ liberties and democratic values. This further problematizes the situation in Greece, where the popularity of far-right has risen, while anti-immigrant rhetoric has been diffused in the practices and policies of border surveillance.

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Panagiotis Loukinas, Queen's University Belfast

PhD Student at the Leverhulme Interdisciplinary Network on Cybersecurity and Society (LINCS),School of History Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom.


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