We are delighted to announce the two winners of the 2017 Surveillance Studies Network Early Career Researcher Award for best paper published in Surveillance & Society in 2016 (AKA the S&S Paper Prize):

Tobias Matzner. 2016. Beyond data as representation: The performativity of Big Data in surveillance. Surveillance & Society 14(2): 197-210. http://ojs.library.queensu.ca/index.php/surveillance-and-society/article/view/beyond_data

 Liisa A Mäkinen. 2016. Surveillance on/off: Examining home surveillance systems from the user's perspective. Surveillance & Society 14(1): 59-77. http://ojs.library.queensu.ca/index.php/surveillance-and-society/article/view/onoff
The judges commented that these papers were outstanding from a very strong shortlist of eligible papers.
Congratulations to them both!