There have been a number of recent changes on the Editorial Board.

Of the appointed editors, we would like to thank Laura Huey (UWO), Randy Lippert (Windsor), Shoshana Magnet (Ottawa) and Graham Sewell (Melbourne) for their service. Randy Lippert's departure also leaves a vacancy for a Debates Editor, which we will be filling shortly.

In their place, we welcome the following new members to the board: Jason Pridmore (Erasmus), Joshua Reeves (Oregon) and Jennifer Whitson (Waterloo), all of whom are also new Associate Editors, to speed our reviewing process.

We have also seen a change in the elected Members' Editors. We would like to thank Rosamunde van Brakel (VUB) and Daniel Trottier (Erasmus) for their incredible efforts, and welcome in their places, Alana Saulnier (UI Chicago) and Megan Wood (UNC).

There will be further changes this year as the organisation of the journal is reorganised still further. Watch this space!