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Vol 2 (2017)
Published: 2017-03-08
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Ankit Garg
Life Sciences 2013

Rishad Khan
Life Sciences 2015

Daniel Meyers
Life Sciences 2015

Corey Forster
Editor in Chief
Life Sciences 2017
Review Board:

Dr. Michael Kawaja
Dr. Ken Rose
Dr. Madhuri Koti
Dr. Chandrakant Tayade
Dr. Katrine Gee
Dr. Kenneth Jarrell
Dr. John MacLeod
Dr. Steve Smith
Dr.Leslie MacKenzie
Dr. David Andrew

Executive Members

Jason Park –Managing Editor
Jia Tanwani –Managing Editor
Ivan Lin -Marketing Manager
Kathleen Atkins –Academics Coordinator
Rajiv Tanwani–First Year Representative
Julia Grein–Second Year Representative
Christine Leung–Second Year Representative
Jenkin Tee–Third Year Representative

Review Board:

Morgan Steele
Jessica Masciangelo
Victoria Griffiths
Brandon Zhao
Kennedy Ayoo


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