Published: 2016-02-05

Comedian Performance: Lysistrata

Lucas Meadows (Kleonike), Jackson Fielding (Kinesias), Sasha Crawford (Lysistrata), Tyli Onel (Director), Phyllis Stratford (Costumes and Props)

Group 1: Monetizing the False Face

Taylor Kalamut, Derek Pxley, Ethan Wright, Alex Armitage

Group 2: Problematic Implications for Sexual Ethics in Love Magic

Emily Halprin, Kimberly Keller, Alyssa Macgregor, Jessica Paoletti, Geoffrey Soo, Meghan Vanderwater

Group 3: Magic vs. Morality: Christian Fundamentalist Responses to Harry Potter

Sarah Dennine, Natali Juriansz, Emma Roberts, Michelle Lee, Taylor Wormington

Group 4: Gendering Wicca: The Sexualization of the Modern Witch

Chelsea Bisson, Emma Funnell-Kononuk, Samantha Hurley, Andrew Kerrick, Melissa Minken, Morgan Pockett

Group 5: The “Cult Classic” Fight Club as New Religious Movement

Sevly Sevly Chea, Trevor Hoff, Dominique Holmes, Michelle MacLean, Lena MacNicholas, Aaron Tang

Group 6: Satanism

Melissa Melissa Naami, Marnie Myszko, Stephanie Nijhuis, Martin Kulinich, Madison Worth

Group 7: Necromancy in Popular Culture

Taylor Seguin, Bethany Wong, Aimee Bertin, Adam Szczuczko, Jayme Grieco-Hogg, Kaitie Kawzenuk

Group 8: Romanticizing the Salem Witch Trials in Popular Culture

Olivia Campbell, Samantha Matti, Segen Mehreteab, Nadisha Mendes, Lisa Namey, Lyndsy Traynor

Group 9: Grab Your Broomstick: Let’s Talk about Wicca

Nadia Larocca, Elizabeth Sheppard, Kate Kaplya, Julian Thompson, Megan Kirby

Group 10: The Truth behind Harry Potter’s Magic: An Analysis of the Commodification of Witchcraft

Amy Hetherington, Jessica Campbell, Taryn Zeger, Kira Liu, Whitney Gray

Group 11: Wiccan Rituals of Death and Dying

Julie Fiocca, Andres Caravantes, Cooper Chasse, Chelsea Saunders, Renee Martin

Group 12: Magic and Modernity: Wicca as Feminist and Environmental Activism

Adrian Deveau, Kaitlyn Barton, Connor Mank, Kathleen McDougald, Ben Simms

Group 13: Is the Zombie Apocalypse Trying to Tell Us Something More?

Helen Li, Adam Husain, Caitie Annear, Kristy Finkle, Bradley Haworth, Sophia Ukani

Group 14: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Olivia Dumas, Jenna Mowbray, Kerry O’Shea, Donovan Gopaul, Dorothy-Jean Evans

Group 15: Mystic Mischief: Banned Books in Classrooms

Candice Pinto, Erica Gordon, Ardita Sinoimeri, Maddie Vloet

Group 16: Artifacts out of Context

Annika Spence, Allison Rizzo, Gracie Foulon, Matthew Gwillam