Published: 2016-02-05

Experiential Learning: a student perspective

Sean Price, Jamie Mowbray, Lauren Turner, Emily Lewis

Comedian Performance: Lysistrata

Lucas Meadows (Kleonike), Jackson Fielding (Kinesias), Sasha Crawford (Lysistrata), Tyli Onel (Director), Phyllis Stratford (Costumes and Props)

Child Health 2.0 Youth Advisory Group

Nel Vandermeer, Lindsay Davison, Caroline Piccininni, Colleen Davison, Valerie Michaelson

Group 1: Monetizing the False Face

Taylor Kalamut, Derek Pxley, Ethan Wright, Alex Armitage

Group 2: Problematic Implications for Sexual Ethics in Love Magic

Emily Halprin, Kimberly Keller, Alyssa Macgregor, Jessica Paoletti, Geoffrey Soo, Meghan Vanderwater

Group 3: Magic vs. Morality: Christian Fundamentalist Responses to Harry Potter

Sarah Dennine, Natali Juriansz, Emma Roberts, Michelle Lee, Taylor Wormington

Group 4: Gendering Wicca: The Sexualization of the Modern Witch

Chelsea Bisson, Emma Funnell-Kononuk, Samantha Hurley, Andrew Kerrick, Melissa Minken, Morgan Pockett

Group 5: The “Cult Classic” Fight Club as New Religious Movement

Sevly Sevly Chea, Trevor Hoff, Dominique Holmes, Michelle MacLean, Lena MacNicholas, Aaron Tang

Group 6: Satanism

Melissa Melissa Naami, Marnie Myszko, Stephanie Nijhuis, Martin Kulinich, Madison Worth

Group 7: Necromancy in Popular Culture

Taylor Seguin, Bethany Wong, Aimee Bertin, Adam Szczuczko, Jayme Grieco-Hogg, Kaitie Kawzenuk

Group 8: Romanticizing the Salem Witch Trials in Popular Culture

Olivia Campbell, Samantha Matti, Segen Mehreteab, Nadisha Mendes, Lisa Namey, Lyndsy Traynor

Group 9: Grab Your Broomstick: Let’s Talk about Wicca

Nadia Larocca, Elizabeth Sheppard, Kate Kaplya, Julian Thompson, Megan Kirby

Group 10: The Truth behind Harry Potter’s Magic: An Analysis of the Commodification of Witchcraft

Amy Hetherington, Jessica Campbell, Taryn Zeger, Kira Liu, Whitney Gray

Group 11: Wiccan Rituals of Death and Dying

Julie Fiocca, Andres Caravantes, Cooper Chasse, Chelsea Saunders, Renee Martin

Group 12: Magic and Modernity: Wicca as Feminist and Environmental Activism

Adrian Deveau, Kaitlyn Barton, Connor Mank, Kathleen McDougald, Ben Simms

Group 13: Is the Zombie Apocalypse Trying to Tell Us Something More?

Helen Li, Adam Husain, Caitie Annear, Kristy Finkle, Bradley Haworth, Sophia Ukani

Group 14: Satanic Ritual Abuse

Olivia Dumas, Jenna Mowbray, Kerry O’Shea, Donovan Gopaul, Dorothy-Jean Evans

Group 15: Mystic Mischief: Banned Books in Classrooms

Candice Pinto, Erica Gordon, Ardita Sinoimeri, Maddie Vloet

Group 16: Artifacts out of Context

Annika Spence, Allison Rizzo, Gracie Foulon, Matthew Gwillam