Predictors of Relationship Outcome between Disabled and Non-Disabled Siblings

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Laura Peill


In recent years, there has been increasing research on individuals with a disabled sibling looking at the impact of the relationship on the adjustment and behaviour of the non-disabled sibling and predictors of sibling relationships such as behaviour disabled sibling. Although research to date has focused on individual factors, there is a need for research on the relative contributions of multiple factors. The purpose of this study is to understand the sibling relationship outcome between a disabled and non-disabled sibling as predicted by the stressors caused by the disabled sibling, the non-disabled sibling’s relationship perception and available coping and resources. This study will use the ABCX model (McCubbin & Patterson, 1983) as a framework to study predictors of relationship outcome between disabled and non-disabled siblings. Predictor variables will include: stress, aA factor, (demographic information and behaviour of sibling with a disability), resources, bB factor (knowledge about disability and resource use), perceptions, cC factor (self-efficacy and comfort with disabled sibling) and outcome, xX factor (relationship quality). I hypothesize that when the non-disabled sibling is more comfortable and knowledgeable about the disability and has a higher level of self-efficacy and available resources, the relationship will be perceived more positively, improving relationship quality and leading to a positive relationship outcome. Participants will consist of approximately 100 individuals aged 16 – 26 who have a sibling with a developmental disability. Data will be collected through an online survey. The results of this study are valuable, as understanding what the predictors are that lead to a positive versus negative relationship outcome is the first step in helping to intervene in the relationship and input the right implementations to ensure a positive outcome

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Session III: (Dis)Ability
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Laura Peill, Department of Psychology

Faculty Supporter: Dr. Patricia Minnes

Moderator: Mr. Robert Burge, Registrar, Education