Focus and Scope

Inquiry at Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference Proceedings is an Open Access online journal which publishes the proceedings of the annual I@Q conference at Queen's University.   The journal highlights the creative thinking of undergraduates at Queen's University. Our editorial committee, comprised of students and faculty, is committed to publishing work that reflects the four steps of successful learning: to ask, to investigate, to create, and to reflect. We welcome both textual and multi-media submissions from all academic areas.

Peer Review Process

Abstracts proposals submitted to the I@Q Undergraduate Research Conference are reviewed by the conference committee prior to acceptance at the conference to ensure they fit the scope and aims of the conference and also to ensure they are free from any typographical errors, prior to publication in the proceedings journal.

Additional items included in the proceedings journal such as posters and slide presentations do not go through a formal review process. 

Publication Frequency

The journal will publish a single volume annually.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Conference Programs Archive

Access conference programs here.

Agreement to Publish

All abstracts and speaker presentations and/or posters accepted at the annual Inquiry @ Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference will be published in the Inquiry@Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference Proceedings journal.  This is an open access online publication.  All content is discoverable via by Google and as such, works submitted will receive increased impact and exposure from a global audience.  

Authors and/or contributors are responsible for obtaining any permissions that may be required to use any third-party copyrighted materials in your works, as well as providing proper citation and attribution to the work of others.

if you do not wish to have your slides, poster or other conference submissions published online, please email: .


I@Q is supported by:

Undergraduate students
Graduate students
The Library, Queen's Learning Commons, and Centre for Teaching and Learning
The Alma Mater Society
Queen's Faculty.

Queen's University

Journal History

The Inquiry @ Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference has been promoting and showcasing undergraduate research since 2007.

The first issue of the Inquiry@Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference Proceedings will be launched to celebrate the 12th annual conference: March 8 to 9 2018.