Submissions are currently being sought in the following categories:
  • Articles In-depth discussion (3000 - 5000 words) of a particular issue or research project that explores a topic addressing a connection between music and gender/sexuality/social change in an educational context. Music teaching and learning need not be restricted to traditional school settings, and may be considered to include any level of instruction, including professional studies in musicology, performance, theory, for example, as well as innovative or unique ideas, practices, and/or settings reflecting different musical traditions and approaches.
  • Pedagogical Spotlights Shorter, more informal articles (1000 - 3000 words) that identify an issue requiring further study or that illustrate a particular pedagogical application having the potential to re-dress inequalities of current educational practices. In the case of the latter, articles should provide a general description of the pedagogical application that is sufficiently detailed to allow others to adapt it to their own teaching situation, as well as a statement of the guiding principle behind the application (as appropriate).
  • Reviews Short articles (800 - 1000 words) reviewing a book, website, media, music composition and/or performance, software application, or other resources relevant to gender/sexuality/social change and music in an educational/community context.
GEMS Blog Comments, thoughts, and announcements exploring a wide variety of topics related to gender/sexuality/social change and music in the context of an online interactive community.