Focus and Scope:

 Federalism-E is an online, undergraduate student-run journal focusing on the theory of federalism. Federalism-E publishes academic articles and essays focusing on federalism, multi-level governance, and intergovernmental relations. Publishing in both English and French, the journal has a mandate to provide a forum encouraging research and scholarly debate with respect to a wide variety of issues concerning federalism, both within Canada and abroad.

Federalism-E provides a platform for undergraduate students to be introduced to professional academic writing and the publication process. The Royal Military College of Canada and their founding partner, the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University, aim to contribute to scholarly debate of issues concerning federalism both within Canada and abroad.


Peer Review Process: 

Federalism-E offers undergraduate students an opportunity to review articles, expand their network reach, and contribute to scholarly research and writing surrounding federalism studies. All academic articles and essays submitted to Federaism-E will be rigourously peer-reviewed, in order to produce work of the highest quality. Federalism-E operates using a double-blind peer review process. All articles and essays submitted to the journal will be subject to two rounds of double-blind peer review, and require final approval from the Editors-in-Chief prior to publication.

We seek individuals with a strong inclination towards precision writing in the field of political science, who are passionate about academia, and who would like the opportunity to submit their own work for publication on a platform that can be seen y peers, academics, and field professionals. We are continuously seeking new members for our editorial board and submissions for the current volume.


Open Access Policy:

Federalism-E provides immediate open access to its content in order to encourage scholarly debate, and support a greater exchange of knowledge.


Founding Partners: 

Federalism-E is founded by The Royal Military College of Canada and the Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University.


Publication Frequency:

Federalism-E currently publishes one volume of academic articles and essays annually.


Journal History: Federalism-E was established in 2000 and will shortly launch its 19th Volume. Volumes are archived once a new publication is released.