Being Able to see the Wood from the Trees in Courses of Teacher Education

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Thomas O'Donoghue


When cogitating developments in education, it is important from time-to-time to stand back from the main-stream of developments and try to re-capture ‘the big picture’. Such a time now exists in relation to teacher education. This paper is a response to this situation. It makes the case for three principles which, it is held, should guide the design and development of programmes on how classroom practitioners at the pre-service and on-going teacher-development levels, should be prepared for, and guided in, their work. These are as follows: teachers should have a very good command of the subject matter of their teaching areas; teachers should know how to teach; teachers, along with students of education studies and policy makers, should engage in reflection not only on work at the classroom level, but also on education more broadly. 

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