The challenges and the future of higher education

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Bernard Hugonnier


There are no less than eight major challenges presently facing higher education. These challenges are recent and of a rare strength, shaking up a world not yet ready for the economic and social changes of the present time. These challenges are also here to last, such that doubts are being raised about the future of higher education. That future is in the hands of the universities, and depends on the nature and swiftness of the responses they bring to the challenges they are facing. Prospective reflections also allow us to enlighten this future, which is very likely different depending on the various regions of the world. In fact, in countries where a managerial and more salience innovative culture reigns, the universities will be more apt and prompt to take up the challenges and to anticipate the future.

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Part I: Network for Excellence in Higher Education (NEHE): The case for a new type of "excellence"