Proceedings of Science Open Reviewed is a new peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic journal — run by researchers for researchers — providing rapid, low cost publication of discovery and commentary in the natural sciences, health sciences, and social sciences.  Proc SciOR is published at Queen’s University, Canada, where — for its advisory editorial board — it draws from the Queen’s community of over 400 researchers.

Proc SciOR accepts submissions that are open peer-reviewed (non-blind) from authors registered with Science Open Reviewed — using an author-directed peer-review (ADPR) model.  Submissions therefore are already peer-reviewed and accompanied by reviewer reports — also registered with Science Open Reviewed.  Papers are published online as primary articles immediately following editor evaluation and approval of reviewer qualifications, reviewer reports, and routine screening for fraud check and author/reviewer conflicts of interest, plus any revision necessary to meet the journal’s formatting requirements and standards of quality for English and data (e.g. figure) presentation.

REVIEWERS for primary articles are also registered with Science Open Reviewed, and for accepted papers their names and affiliations are listed conspicuously—under separate subtitle—directly below the author name(s) in the published article. Reviewers are also invited to submit a commentary (response paper / opinion piece) inspired by their review of the published Proc SciOR article, or by their review of an article (wherein they are acknowledged as a reviewer) published in any other journal.  These reviewer commentaries are reviewed by Advisory Editors of Proc SciOR, who may also consult with external reviewers.  No author fees are charged for publication of reviewer commentaries that respond to primary articles published in Proc SciOR.  Reviewers for Proc SciOR must hold a PhD or be registered as a PhD student at an accredited institution. Proc SciOR also supports post-publication peer-review, where logged-in users (identifited by name) can post comments on individual articles.

TURN YOUR BLOG POSTING INTO A PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE — In addition to original research reports and review papers, Proc SciOR also publishes your commentary/opinion pieces as cite-able peer-reviewed articles with doi numbers, together with published reviewer commentaries, plus post-publication peer-review through posted blog-style reader comments. If you already have a great blog posting, you can regard it as a 'pre-print', and turn it into a citable peer-reviewed article in Proc SciOR using the author-directed peer-review community at Science Open Reviewed.  Perhaps some of the good reader comments on your original blog post will also point to possibilities for coauthors on your submission to Proc SiOR.

AUTHOR FEES (article processing charges) — currently only CAN $99 ($49 for grad students and postdocs) — are collected for cost recovery only, thus helping to maximize author funds available to support students, postdocs and front-line research costs (rather than the profit margins of commercial publishers).

Proc SciOR is a participating member of LOCKSS ('Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe'), which creates a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. Proc SciOR is searchable through Google Scholar, and by using any Open Archives Initiative (OAI) compliant metadata harvester. Google Scholar also tracks number of citations and lists citations for articles published in Proc SciOR.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.