Educating Aerospace Design Engineers: Perspectives from Design Creativity Theory

  • Suo Tana Concordia University
  • Catharine Marsden Concordia University
  • Yong Zeng Concordia University


When seeking candidates for engineering design positions, aerospace companies usually seek to hire high qualified professionals while overlooking recent graduates from engineering schools. The reason for this is the opinion that most of the engineers graduating from universities do not possess the skill sets the companies are seeking and that it takes too long to train recent graduates in the complexities of the aerospace design process. There is a need to minimize the gap between the needs of the aerospace industry and the training of engineers at the university level and this need cannot be met without the collaboration of aerospace firms, universities and government. In this paper, we propose an approach to
educating undergraduate aerospace engineering students based on design creativity theory. The NSERC Chair in Aerospace Design Engineering (NCADE) at Concordia University will be used as a test bed to implement, validate, improve and promote this educational strategy.