Implementation of Service Learning into Engineering Design

  • Peter Doiron University of Prince Edward Island
  • Brady Gallant
  • Libby Osgood


This paper will discuss themes related
to the implementation of the engineering design
process by two second-year engineering students
while working in an international setting on a service
learning project. In February 2015, the authors of this
paper designed, tested, and implemented a novel
wheelchair attachment to improve the mobility of
persons with disabilities in Kenya. This project was
carried out in its entirety during a period of 2 weeks,
while staying in the small village of Mikinduri, located
in Kenya’s Eastern Province. The scope of this paper
will include benefits of implementing such projects
into engineering design curriculum, along with
recommendations based on the authors’ experiences.
Topics such as CEAB Graduate Attributes covered,
material availability, and communication barriers will
be compared and contrasted between standard and
service learning design projects