• Jeffrey S. Castrucci University of Toronto
  • Graeme W. Norval


Inculcating a safety focused mindset is an important part of an engineering education, as highlighted by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board curriculum requirement to cover occupational
health and safety. Despite the importance of covering
safety related material, many university faculty are
hesitant to cover elements of safety management due to
unfamiliarity with the material. In response, Minerva
Safety Management Education has developed teaching
module slide sets covering a wide range of safety
management topics that are freely available for
instructors to use in their classes.
In this paper, we report on the next phase of
module deployment: the transformation of a slide set into
an electronically facilitated, self-contained, independent
learning module. This new format includes narrated
lessons and automatic grading of comprehension tests.
The format removes the time burden from instructors and
teaching assistants, while enabling students to absorb the
material at their own pace outside of class instructional
hours. The module is designed to be compatible with
existing learning management systems and easily
incorporated into existing course websites. We report
student feedback on this new format and share findings
applicable to the development and conversion of future
self-contained electronic learning modules.
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