Evaluating an Integrated Course Design Tool for Engineering Graduate Attributes Assessment

  • R.W. Brennan University of Calgary
  • R. Hugo University of Calgary
  • S. Li University of Calgary
  • M. Taboun


The research reported in this paper is
concerned with developing a software tool (the Integrated
Course Design Tool) based on the principle of
constructive alignment. This tool is intended to assist
instructors with course planning by linking together
course learning outcomes, teaching & learning activities,
and assessments. The rationale is to report on student
achievement in the context of the Engineers Canada
Accreditation Board’s graduate attributes and use this
information for continual improvement. Our experience
with the ICDT has shown it to be a simple, intuitive tool
for course-based graduate attributes assessment and
continual improvement; however, further work is required
to extend the tool for program-wide usage.