Enhancing outreach through the University of Ottawa Maker Mobile

  • François Bouchard University of Ottawa
  • Hanan Anis
  • Claude Lagüe


The Maker Mobile program is a new model
for outreach at the faculty of engineering at
the university of Ottawa that allows for
yearlong delivery of high quality technology
workshops to the community at
large. Through the transportation of rapid
prototyping technologies in a 12-foot orange
cube truck, the Maker Mobile delivered
more than 719 workshops and reached
more than 14000 youth in the past year. In
particular this program is helping teachers
incorporate engineering into their
classrooms through hands on design
activities. This fosters interest for
engineering while helping recruitment
efforts. The Maker Mobile is also helping
the faculty develop relationships with high
schools, teachers and school boards for the
development of new spin off outreach
initiatives. The Maker mobile builds on a
solid foundation for outreach at the faculty
of engineering. Three important factors
have contributed to the development of a
strong foundation for our outreach program.
These factors include developing processes
that ensure sustainability and scalability, a
strong association to the institution, which
creates demand for programs and an
internal support structure that ensures
programs have the necessary resources to