Report Generator

There are 2 statistics reports available for Queen’s journals published via the OJS platform (see below). These reports are updated daily:
  1. Article-level usage report: CSV | HTML

    This report provides cumulative real-time usage metrics for each item published in your journal organised by issue. Items counted include:

    • Number of abstract views per article
    • Number of full text article views

    Improving the Quality of Your Journal Statistics

    The usage data in the article-level usage report is report is COUNTER (Counting Online User NeTworked Electronic Resources) compliant, using COUNTER Code of Practice standardized methods to measure the use of electronic resources. This usage data excludes bot traffic (bot traffic is online traffic and activities artificially generated by automated bots and spiders) and instances of double-clicking on the same item, which can compromise the integrity of usage data.

    It should be noted the that the article-level usage report for your journal brings together both COUNTER compliant metrics available with the latest version of OJS implemented for Queen’s journals since September 11, 2014 and earlier non-COUNTER compliant metrics accumulated for your journal prior the September 11, 2014 upgrade.

  2. COUNTER Report: Monthly Full-Text Article Downloads for Each Queen’s OJS Journal.