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Publish and manage your online journal with OJS. Open Journal Systems (OJS) is open source software installed by Queen's University Library for use by Queen's faculty and staff wishing to publish an online open-access or subscription-based journal.

OJS supports all aspects of journal publishing including peer review, tracking subscriptions, copy editing, etc. OJS is a research and development initiative of the Public Knowledge Project. Its continuing development is currently overseen by a partnership among the University of British Columbia, the Simon Fraser University Library, and the Canadian Center for Studies in Publishing.

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Federal Governance

The journal is an international online graduate journal about the theory and practice of federalism and publishes its articles on a rolling basis. It is the first graduate journal of federalism with an international team of editors, referees and professors behind it. Allied with the Forum of Federations and founding partner, Institute of Intergovernmental Relations at Queen’s University; Federal Governance aims to contribute to a global dialogue on federalism.

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Federalism-E is an electronic student journal about federalism and multi-level governance put forth in collaboration between l’Université Laval and Queen’s University. This annual journal will publish papers by undergraduate students, which are reviewed by an editorial board composed of their peers, in both English and French languages.It is a bilingual, undergraduate electronic journal about federalism with a mandate to provide a forum to encourage research and scholarly debate with respect to a wide variety of issues concerning federalism, such as political philosophy, multi-level governance and inter-governmental relations. Research conducted spans a wide variety of issues and promulgates a similar variety of opinions. The journal's aim is to create an atmosphere of debate and investigation to highlight the multi-faceted study of federalism and the utility in doing so.

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