Engineering Service-Learning – Importance of Appropriate Collaboration with International Partners

Miriam R Simon, Gregory D Bixler, Bradley Doudican, Roger Dzwonczyk


The service learning engineering/humanitarian engineering, program at The Ohio State University has been in existence for seven years and has grown in both the number of participants and projects. On the international front, various partnerships have formed that create a framework for success for our participants as well as for targeted communities that are served. The program, although focused mostly on engineering-related projects, also emphasizes the need for cultural awareness and constant communication with the in-country partners. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the needs of citizens in developing nations and to collectively work together on sustainable solutions. This paper will describe the development of humanitarian engineering at The Ohio State University and chronicle the partnership in two specific locations in Honduras.


service learning engineering; humanitarian engineering; collaboration; cultural awareness; appropriate technology; sustainable solutions

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