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Theorising Decentralisation Comparative Evidence from Sub-National Switzerland

By Sean Mueller

2015 | ECPR Press
Copy Available: No

This book seeks to explain centralisation and decentralisation across the 26 Swiss cantons using sociocultural, political-ideological, and macro-structural approaches. Centralisation and decentralisation are conceptionalised as having institutional ( ...
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Understanding Federalism and Federation

Edited By Alain G. Gagnon, Soeren Keil, Sean Mueller

2015 | Ashgate
Copy Available: No

Based on a variety of contemporary debates on federal theory Understanding Federalism and Federation honours Michael Burgess’ contribution to the study of these topics through a selection of approaches, theories, debates and interpretations. Gatherin ...
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Federalism as Decision-Making. Changes in Structures, Procedures and Policies

Edited By Francesco Palermo, Elisabeth Alber

2015 | Brill | Nijhoff
Copy Available: No

Accounting for participation, separation of powers and democratic accountability, federalism gains momentum in times when traditional democratic legitimacy of institutional decision-making is challenged. Its ability to include multiple interests make ...
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Multinational Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Soeren Keil

2013 | Ashgate
Copy Available: No

In 1995 none of the political parties representing the peoples of Bosnia preferred a federal option. Yet, Bosnia became a federal state, highly decentralised and with a complex institutional architecture. This solution was imposed on them by in ...
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