Vol 17 (2016)

Animated Cover

About this work:

The purpose of this work is to point to the distortions, and changes in meaning, that are generated as images are reproduced over time and transferred to different media. To create this work, I started with a digital photograph of an archival photo from Bembibre, Spain, collected in Dr. Bruno-Jofre’s research, originally taken in 1963, and used it to produce a cyanotype print on watercolor paper. Then I took a digital photo of the cyanotype print. The two digital images, the photograph of the original and the photograph of the cyanotype, are super-imposed on one another and animated. The distortions of the cyanotype print create the illusion that the image is breathing as the changing transparency transfers visual weight from one image to the other.  The breathing motion alludes to the life that viewers breathe into still documents.

Ana Jofre