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Encounters in Theory and History of Education / Rencontres en Théorie et Histoire de l'Éducation is an interdisciplinary journal that serves as a forum to present and discuss theory and history of education in a global space, encouraging an intellectual-inquiry perspective. It welcomes papers that are methodologically and historiologically reflective or have a critical perspective, and which could open new lines of thought or ways of approaching knowledge.

The journal is indexed in the following databases: Web Of Science Core Collection (ESCI), IBSS: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, EBSCO Education Source, DOAJ- Directory of Open Access Journals, DIALNET, DICE and LATINDEX 

The journal is evaluated in CARHUS PLUS+ (Group C), CIRC-Clasificación Integrada de Revistas Científicas, and MIAR (2016)-Matriz de Información para el Análisis de Revistas: 9.7/10.

Since its origins in 2000, Encounters has had a transnational character and in line with its history, publishes papers either in Spanish, English, or French and welcomes contributions from scholars working in Spain and Latin America. Encounters began in 2000 as a journal that attempted to generate a dialogue among educational researchers from Canada, Spain and Latin America in light of internationalization and economic globalization. Rosa Bruno-Jofré (Queen’s University) and Gonzalo Jover Olmeda (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) were co-founding editors. Until 2011, the journal was co-sponsored by the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University and the Department of Theory and History of Education, Faculty of Education, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since 2011, it has been solely sponsored by the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University, where it has been located since its origins, and is the journal of the interdisciplinary research group: Theory and History of Education International Research Group.

Queen’s University and the Theory and History of Education Research Group is pleased to announce that Encounter in Theory and History of Education has been accepted for indexing in the Emerging Sources Citation Index, a new edition of Web of ScienceTM. Content in this index is under consideration by Thomson Reuters to be accepted in the Science Citation Index ExpandedTM, the Social Sciences Citation Index®. The quality and depth of content Web of Science offers to research, authors, publishers, and institutions sets in apart from other search databases. The inclusion of Encounters in Theory and History of Education in the Emerging Sources Citation Index demonstrates our dedication to providing the most relevant and influential Theory and History of Education content to our community.


Vol 17 (2016)

Animated Cover

About this work:

The purpose of this work is to point to the distortions, and changes in meaning, that are generated as images are reproduced over time and transferred to different media. To create this work, I started with a digital photograph of an archival photo from Bembibre, Spain, collected in Dr. Bruno-Jofre’s research, originally taken in 1963, and used it to produce a cyanotype print on watercolor paper. Then I took a digital photo of the cyanotype print. The two digital images, the photograph of the original and the photograph of the cyanotype, are super-imposed on one another and animated. The distortions of the cyanotype print create the illusion that the image is breathing as the changing transparency transfers visual weight from one image to the other.  The breathing motion alludes to the life that viewers breathe into still documents.

Ana Jofre



Call for papers Vol 18 (2017)


The Vol. 18 (2017) of Encounters in Theory and History of Education will be devoted to Opening spaces of transformation across time and space : "unsettling" pedagogies at the intersection with Catholicism


Posted: 2016-12-02

Call for submissions for new section on digital methods and media


Digital research methods (i.e. the use of digital technology to collect and/or analyze research data) have become increasingly relevant over the past decade, allowing humanities researchers to formulate new questions, to find new connections in their data, and/or to synthesize very large amounts of data.  Similarly, the use of digital media has grown in relevance for the transmission of research results.  Given these advances, the editors at Encounters are creating a new section for digital methods and media, which will make its first appearance in the November 2017 issue.

We are see seeking submissions from researchers that integrate digital methods and/or digital media in their work.  Digital methods include (but are not limited to) text analytics, text topic modeling, computer-vision image analysis, GIS analysis, or any network analysis.  Digital media include (but are not limited to) software, websites, interactive displays, or data visualizations. We are accepting either paper submissions or digital submissions.  We encourage the submissions of papers that feature links to digital works or project websites, and we especially encourage the submission of digital works that can be published as web pages on our website.  Digital submissions may include (but are not limited to) interactive narratives and/or interactive data visualizations.

Guidelines for paper submissions: up to 7500 words in pdf or doc or docx format.

Guidelines for digital submissions: must run on an html platform. 

Deadline: June 1st, 2017.

For further information on submissions please contact Ana Jofre (ajofre@faculty.ocadu.ca).


Posted: 2016-05-17
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