La Teoria de la Educación: Una Búsqueda sin Término en la Construcción del Conocimiento de la Educación

Rafael Sáez Alonso


Knowledge of educational issues is construed using very different sources which, in turn, produce different forms of knowledge. Theory of education constitutes a fundamental source in the building of knowledge of educational matters. This essay makes the case that theory of education plays a special role in educational research and it shows how educational theory plays a specific role by enabling us to approach educational problems with our own criteria. Further, educational theory has both epistemological and ontological bases, the former referring to the way of knowing and the latter to the reality it studies. Thus, it sustains education making it susceptible to be studied with functional autonomy, using and developing the reality that is education as an object and a goal. Here, the author argues that educational theory faces the challenge of remaining open to research to favour its development as a scientific construction and academic discipline, in the form of either research about education as part of reality, or research into the knowledge of education.

Key words: education, educational Theory, globalisation, knowledge of education, research paradigms

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