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Affinities seeks to publish book reviews of interest to activists and scholars committed to the exploration of alternatives to dominant political, social, economic, and cultural discourses and institutions. To this end, we both solicit and consider unsolicited reviews of works relating to (but not limited to) anarchism, anti-racism, autonomist marxism, (dis)ability studies, ecology, feminism, indigenous politics, poststructuralism, postcolonial studies, queer theory, and the intersections thereof.

While Affinities does not place any formal restrictions on the length and scope of reviews, we do recommend that writers strive for clarity and parsimony. Something between the length of a traditional book review and a research essay should suffice.

As per our commitment to creating an open dialogue on radical theory and practice, we encourage reviewers to embrace their subjectivity and engage with review materials through the lens of their own unique theoretical perspectives and/or experiences. We have no illusions of objectivity and contributors need not shy away from controversy, within the bounds of solidarity and goodwill.

Potential reviewers should consult our “Author Guidelines” for information regarding our general style and citation requirements.

Reviews will be published irregularly.

To request a book for review:

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  • Click on the request link that corresponds to the book of interest.

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Children's Literature, Domestication, and Social Foundation: Narratives of Civilization and Wilderness

By Layla AbdelRahim

2015 | Routledge
Copy Available: Yes

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Drug War Capitalism

By Dawn Paley

2014 | AK Press
Copy Available: Yes

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