Highland Lake Workshop Conversations about Critical Action

Donna Riley, Nasser Saleh, Darko Matovic, Caroline Baillie


On December 6, 2014, Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) co-hosted a one-day workshop with Critical Stage and the University of Western Australia titled “Conversations about Critical Action.” The workshop was hosted at the North American Cultural Lab in Highland Lake, New York. An interdisciplinary group of 14 participants from Australia, England, Canada, and the United States met, representing academics, artists, actors, directors, film-makers, activists, teachers and engineers whose common interest is in making a difference both individually and as a community.

The conversation focused on critical reflections of past, present and future actions with the goal of enhancing social justice in discussing the workshop’s main theme: How might I be the person I would most like to be and contribute to making the world more socially just?

Using an Open Space Technology format and Talking Circle processes with an interactive approach, the workshop participants developed self-organized sessions.


report; ESJP; Critical Stage; Critical Action

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24908/ijesjp.v3i1.5525